Arma related Links

For beginners there are a lot of questions and problems with Arma!
Many of them may have been already discussed or answerd in the forums.
(always try to use search functions, to find out if your question was already answered!)

Official BI-Forum


Arma2Base (german) (german)

United Operations

Australia + NewZeeland Arma

How to get stuff and how to install it
The fastest and most uncomplicated way to get mods, missions and scripts is a manual download from one of the arma-forums. The problem for the beginner starts after extracting the files, not knowing what to do next.

For a fully automated way to install and update your custom content, i strongly recommend the "Play with SIX" tool.
Most mods are addable with one click and easy to manage in preset groups. To select and save an own set of mods is done within a few clicks.
It once maybe was a bit slow and chunky but in todays version, it works like a charm for me!

Play with SIX (addon installer/updater)

Armaholic FAQ "How to install Mods"

Armaholic Downloads (see all usermade Arma content, sorted)

Mission Editing and Scripting:
Making a mission in arma can sometimes be overwhelming, same goes for scripting and using mods. 
In the links below youll find some places to go and get some deeper input.

Mr.Murrays Editing Guide (english)

Mr.Murrays Editing Guide (german)

Official ArmA Wiki

OFPEC Editing Center

PMC Editing Wiki

Darrens Sandbox

Assault Mission Studio (german)

Armaholic Editing Newb FAQ
Tactical Gameplay-Guides:
Playing a realistic shooter in a tactical way can be a ton-o-fun or a nasty pain in the ass, espacialy if you want to play in a team. 
Read the information below if you are interested in to bringing the gameplay of yours and your squad to the next level.

Tactics, Techniques and Procedures
TTP Guide by "dslyecxi" (Arma guide)

Cheeky Bastard Guide 
Strategy Guide by "Swedge" (for Arma Mod: Project Reality)

Strategy Guide to online multiplayer gaming
FPS Tactics (general shooter guide)

...more pages will be added ASAP!!!